Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lovely Striped Socks

Here is a pair of pink and brown striped socks I created for my beautiful daughter who is on her way to far off exotic lands to learn the rudiments of the fashion industry.

O.K. well shes only going to San Fransisco to fashion school but that is exotic for us,for now, anyway. I heard it gets cold enough for a pair of cozy hand knit wool socks and has been known to cure some home sickness. I will miss you. Begin anywhere.


  1. your hubby probably does't like the same movies as you,he watches them with you because he loves you so much

  2. You sneaky thing...a blog!
    Come to my house next Saturday, noon for the first Midcoast Maine Chapter of Yarn Bombing!

  3. Emily! I love your blog!! You knit amazing things!! I'm in love with the socks for your daughter, she's so lucky and your photos are beautiful!!

    It was nice to meet you @ MJane's house on Saturday and I hope to see you knitting there again!