Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Been Waiting Been Knitting

I have not posted anything as I have been waiting to receive a new camera in the mail. It took ever so long( over a week) but now I have it and can get back to the business at hand; blogging. I used my time wisely while I waited and knitted frequently. Hoooray! I am thinking of 2 sweaters I want to do. One plain and one Fair Isle. Plain for me and Fair Isle for my wonderful husband who never gives up on me. Thank you. I'm also working on a hat pattern for a hat I've knit a bunch of times but never wrote down the pattern. So when a complete stranger asked for the pattern I decided it was high time to write it and chart it. After all isn't that what long winters are for? I've also found a fab new knitting group on saturday afternoons at 12 which is great fun and even has free coffee, tea and food! What could be better on a blustery winter day in January? Here is a pair of Fair Isle wristlets I knit in pink and orange. I was inspired by Sasha Obama's outfit at the inauguration of her dad. Very cute!

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  1. you sure talk about this "Wonderful Husband" of yours! How do I meet him? Or better yet,does he have a brother....who knits maybe?